• Do ClinOps Professionals Understand The CAR-T Supply Chain?

    Lee Clough RN, HP, of Novartis talks about the importance of understanding the nuances associated with collecting and shipping autologous material (i.e., CAR-Ts) for clinical trials. 

  • The Impact Of Protocol Design On An IRT System

    DTP and home treatment studies can get expensive — and be a hassle to patients — if the IRT element isn’t well planned for during trial design. In their SCOPE Summit presentation, Irina Grishina and Kelsey Kern of CSL Behring plan to share their personal anecdotes and lessons learned from both types of trials as they pertain to IRT. 


Dan Schell

Dan Schell is Chief Editor of Clinical Leader where he writes about topics related to clinical trial operations. Previously, he served as the Editorial Director of Life Science Leader magazine, another Life Science Connect community, for 14 years. In this role, he worked with the publication’s internal and external writers and editors on choosing the best topics for articles as well as refining all content to meet Life Science Leader’s high editorial standards. Prior to his work with Life Science Leader, he worked as an editor and copy editor for the publication’s parent company, VertMarkets (now called Life Science Connect). He joined the company in 2000 after 10 years of working for Encompass Health (previously Healthsouth) in marketing and business development and four years at an advertising agency.